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Read the May 8, 2014 Chico News & Review article about The Stream Team's 11th year of monitoring here.

Tune into KZFR 90.1 radio on the second Thursday of each month (7:05-7:15 am) Five-Mile and Then Some.

2005 Monitoring: Stream Team

Big Chico Creek Stream Team members work very hard and are very much appreciated!

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PV High Team celebrating the Clean Water Act's 30th Birthday after a good day of monitoring.

Chico State University Geoscience students at Dance-Floor Hole.

Chico Boys and Girls Club.

PV High Students getting equipment together.

Big Chico Creek Stream Team at Above Brown's Hole monitoring site.

Big Chico Creek Stream Team at Five-mile.

PV High Team at below Bear Hole.

Bioassessment Team at Hwy 32 Bridge Crossing.

Father/Son Team at Dance Floor Hole.

PV High Students.

Volunteers (by last name)

If your name was spelled incorrectly or has been inadvertenly left off the list, please let us know so we can make a correction.

Lee Altier
Ryoko Amagasa
Andrew Anderson
Jennifer Arbuckle
Mike Ashcroft
Jason Aull
John Aull
Mark Aull
Danielle Baker
Annemarie Baltzell
Tristan Banwell
Omar Barron
Levi Bateman
Anthoney Beller
Catherine Benjamin
Mike Bennett
Owen Bettis
Syb Blythe
Glen Burns
Rich Burgi
Landon C.
Neil Casey
Lori Cayo
Gary Cole
Nani Cristan
Diane Cross
Dave Daly
Michael DeSuet
Kim Donovan
Izzi Dresler
Melissa Eattock
Marissa Fierro
Cathe Fish
Morgan Fleischman
Rebekah Funes
Hidenori Furunchi
Gabe Garbarino
Robert Garcia
Jessica Gibbs
Joe Gleason
Will Gleason
Jason Glick
Margie Graham
Brittany Gregory
Matt Griffith
Kate Grossman
Ken Grossman
Bill Haley
Frank Hall
Ryan Haugh
Mark Haynes
Dennis Heiman
CP Hewitt
Cindy Horney
Shih Ming Huang
Cheyanna Hurley
Lee Hurshbein
Nhu Huynh
Saac Ingram
Ashley Irons
Becky Jenkins
Rebecca Jenkins
Kristen Johnsen
William Johnson
Carey Kimbal
Heather Koeth
Jessica Lang
Yamme Lor
Margo Lund
Mark Lynch
Tiffany Maldrum
Kim Marsh
Cory Martini
Susan Mason
Lowren McAmis
Robin McCollum
Gavin McCreary
Megan Medley
Sue Mello
Samantha Mollison
Jake Morley
Jeff Mott
Sarah Nash
Chuck Nelson
Jennifer Oman
Heather Pate
Carol Perkins
Zach Perkins
Kieth R.
Victor Rangle
Vinvent Ruffino
Rick Rodriguez
Richard Ruley
Josh S.
Kass S.
Rose S.
Gabriel Sampson
Tirotaka Sato
Randy Senock
John Shooner
Salim Sidani
Ajay Singh
Bruce Smith
Greg Spont
Morgan Spont
St. Germaine
Steven Stanly
Breana Stowe
Susan Strachan
Megan Suarez
Kate Taft
Akihiro Taki
Karen Tandy
Mary Thompson
Jeannie Trizzino
Vianca Valdovinos
Ruben Verdugo
Amy Vigallon
Jevan W.
Tom Ward
Alicia Whittlesey
Reid Whittlesey
Kellie Wilson
Brian Wobicle
Michel York
Ming Yuen Han
Upward Bound students:Amad, Brad, Brett, Christina, Conner, Jeff, Craig, Jenkins, Larry, Lily, Macy, Marcus, Taylor, Tyler, Vang
Boy Scouts, Troop #31

TAC Participants

Paul Maslin
Dave Brown
Guy Chetelat
Eric Burres

Funding Partners

Sierra Nevada Alliance
City of Chico
Butte Environmental Council

Other partners

Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve
Cherokee Watershed Group
Butte Creek Conservancy
Little Chico Creek Watershed Group
Butte County RCD
PV High School
Sierra Nevada Alliance
South Yuba River Citizen League
California State University Chico